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Welcome to, a website that provides useful free tools and tutorials to help you make your own website. Learn what you need to build your own website, create rotating banners using javascript, optimize your Google AdSense ads for maximum revenue, some free PHP scripts and more...

Featured Script

Ajax PageRank Checker - This is a free PHP + Ajax powered script that allows you to check a specified url's Google PageRank, Alexa Rank & average number of backlinks.

phpBB Revenue Sharing Mod v0.04 - This is a MOD for phpBB that was first released by ThinkBling. However we have released a new version of it, version 0.04, as the original version did not work. Installation is quick and easy.

Fake Email Script - This is a free PHP powered script that allows you to send fake emails to anyone you want.

Featured tools

Meta-Tag Generator Meta-Tag Generator
This PHP based tool will help you create meta-tags for your webpages. Meta-tags are there to assist search engines determine the theme of your page.
Robot.txt Generator Robot.txt Generator
Robot.txt files allow you to dictate which parts of your website bots can spider. This PHP based tool will assist you in creating this file.
Google AdSense Motivator Google AdSense Motivator
This is a little script we wrote with the intent of motivating you to optimize your Google AdSense ads by showing you how much more you could be earning by increasing CTR.

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