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Thank you for considering to donate to Site Tool Center. Any money donated will be used to cover running and marketing costs of this site.

What Do You Get in Return?

As a token of our appreciation the top 10 donors will receive a site wide link (not including the website scripts directory) in return for the donation. Additionally the top 25 donors will receive a link on the bottom of this page. Donors that qualify to receive a link may specify the anchor text and url of their link. The list is updated every time someone donates so your link may be demoted down 1 position if they donate more than you. However this system also means that if you donate to our site and no one else does, you will effectively receive a permanent link.

The Topup Feature

We are also allowing the ability to "topup" your donation. This means that if someone out-donates you and places you off the top 10 sitewide links for example, you could "topup" your donation to be ranked above them again.

Another example to clarify things.

Say that you donate $5 to this site and your link is listed #1. 3 months later you check the link and you notice that you have been dropped out of the top 10 donors and am now ranked #13 (unlucky number!). You could decide to "topup" your donation to $15 and be placed back into the top 10 donors list.

You could say that this is a little bit like a game...

Ok So What Do I Do?

Firstly please read this page in it's entirety to make sure you understand everything. We currently only accept donations through PayPal. Please click on the button at the below to be redirected to a PayPal page where you can determine how much you'd like to donate to this website.

Once the payment has gone through please contact us using the contact form in the footer stating the following information:

  • The PayPal E-mail Address You Donated From
  • The Amount You Donated
  • Your Anchor Text
  • The URL

The reason we insist on you providing us with the first two details is to confirm that you are indeed the person who made the donation to our site.

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum donation to receive a link is $1.
  • The site you link to MUST not have inappropriate content such as adult, racist, illegal, etc...
  • The donation you make must be in the top 25 largest donations to qualify to receive a link.
  • Donations are non-refundable.
  • Your site wide link will be shortened if it is too long to fit in the designated space.
  • If 2 donors have made a donation of the same amount, the donor who made the first donation will be ranked above the latter.
  • We no longer accept gambling related links and existing ones are subject to the "rel='nofollow'" attribute.
  • These links are just as a token of appreciation. When you donate you are donating to aid in the running of the site, NOT to buy a link. Therefore we reserve the right to remove the links if we see fit.
  • These terms and conditions may be amended if deemed appropriate by the Admin.

Top 25 Donors

A Final Word

Thank you very much for donating to our site!

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