Ajax PageRank (PR) Checker Script



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Ajax PageRank (PR) Checker Script

What Is an Ajax PageRank (PR) Checker Script?

Google PageRank is a measure of importance of a webpage, which is determined by Google. PageRank is calculated using a complex algorism, which takes a huge variety of factors into account.

PageRank is one of the factors that determines the SERP ranking of a webpage.

How Do I Install This Script?

Installing this script takes less than 5 minutes! Just unzip the contents of the file and upload them to either your root directory, or a sub-directory.


  • Very simple and explanatory installation.
  • Ajax powered script.
  • Checks Google PageRank, Alexa Rank & average number of backlinks.
  • Easy to customize.


A demo is available here.


Please visit our webmaster forum to ask for more information, support or make requests.

Terms of Use

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Ajax PageRank (PR) Checker (6kb RAR File)

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