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phpBB Revenue Sharing MOD

What Is Revenue Sharing?

Revenue sharing is a approach webmasters take to encourage users to post in forums, post articles, writing blogs etc... by rewarding them with a share of the revenue. A working example can be seen on forums such as DigitalPoint

What Does This MOD Do?

This is a MOD for phpBB that allows you to offer your members a share of the revenue that their topic makes through the Google AdSense Programme. The installation is quick and easy and it's a great method of promoting your forum.


  • Default setting of 1:1 revenue sharing ratio.
  • Ads are shown in the header.
  • Ability to set default publisher-ID and channel.
  • Ability to turn revenue sharing on and off.
  • Ability to set the minimum number of posts before members can participate in revenue sharing.
  • Participants can submit channels as well as publisher IDs.
  • Publisher IDs entered by users are checked for correct length before being shown. If they have incorrect length the default ID is shown.
  • Members are not shown their own ads to prevent click fraud and accidental clicks.

Recent Updates

2006-12-24 - Version 0.04

  • A minor bug that was redirecting users to a non-existant topic has been fixed.

2006-09-10 - Version 0.03

  • Ads now do not display on posting.php, ad_profile.php and profile.php. This is to prevent breaking the Google AdSense ToS.

2006-08-24 - Version 0.02

  • Created new .SQL file
  • The problem of ads not rotating fixed.
  • Publisher ID check now more accurate.
  • The problem of not being able to insert publisher IDs and channels have been fixed.
  • Now a user will not be shown their on ads. This is to prevent click fraud and accidental clicks.


Please visit our webmaster forum to ask for more information, support or make requests.


phpBB Revenue Sharing MOD v0.04 (20kb RAR File)

phpBB Revenue Sharing MOD v0.03 (21kb RAR File)

phpBB Revenue Sharing MOD v0.02 (19kb RAR File)

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