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Website Scripts and Programs

Free Scripts and Programs

Everyone loves free stuff! That's why we've decided to post any useful free scripts and programs that we come across on here. We'll also post any free scripts that we write on here!

Scripts Released By Us

  • phpBB Revenue Sharing Mod v0.04 - This is a MOD for phpBB that was first released by ThinkBling. However we have released a new version of it, version 0.04, as the original version did not work. Installation is quick and easy.

  • Fake Email Script - This is a free PHP powered script that allows you to send fake emails to anyone you want.

  • Ajax PageRank Checker - This is a free PHP + Ajax powered script that allows you to check a specified url's Google PageRank, Alexa Rank & average number of backlinks.

Free Scripts

  • AdLogger - A useful open source script that can be used to track the performance of your Google AdSense ads. Accuracy is not the greatest as it counts a mouseOver as a click but it's still a great help. This tool can also be used to prevent ads from showing after a certain number of clicks, to banned users and yourself. A great tool...

  • PhpBB - A widely used free forum script that is coded using PHP. Due to the wide usage of this forum script there are many sites dedicated to it and therefore support and mofications are easy to find. It's also the script we're using for our forum!

  • MediaWiki - The wiki script that WikiPedia runs on. Full of features.

Free Programs

  • PHP Designer - A great free application to help you program PHP, HTML, CSS etc... When using this application you should also install Xampp to make the most of this program.

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