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Free Website Tools and Tutorials

Below are listed various tools and tutorials you can make use of to build your website. If you have problems using these, or have suggestions on new tools we could provide you, please go to our webmaster forum.

Some of the tools have been setup so that you can place it on your own site. The tools you can add to your websites have a Add This Tool To Your Site next to them.

  • Meta-Tag Generator Add Meta-Tag Generator To Your Site - This PHP based tool will help you create meta-tags for your webpages. Meta-tags are there to assist search engines determine the theme of your page.

  • Robot.txt Generator Add Robot.txt Code Generator To Your Site - Robot.txt files allow you to dictate which parts of your website bots can spider. This PHP based tool will assist you in creating this file.

  • AdSense Motivator Add AdSense Motivator To Your 
  Site - This is a little script we wrote with the intent of motivating you to optimize your Google AdSense ads by showing you how much more you could be earning by increasing CTR.

  • URL Encoder / Decoder - This is tool made using JavaScript will help you implement URL encoding / decoding

  • Banner Rotator (Javascript) - This tutorial will allow you to learn how to make a simple javascript banner rotator that you can use to rotate multiple advertisers banners in the same location, or give your site a fresh look by rotating your site logo. This script will load a random banner with each pageload.

  • Tell a Friend - This tutorial will teach you how to setup a tell-a-friend function on your website. This is great for marketing your site as your visitors can tell their friends etc... We believe it will work best with entertainment sites such as joke sites, game sites etc...

  • Popup Window Generator - This javascript based tool will allow you to create your own popup windows easily with no hassle. It also allows you to determine the event that will make the popup appear (click on link, button or on pageload).

  • Frameless Popup - This tutorial will outline how you can go about creating a frameless popup window. This can be set to load automatically or by clicking on a link.

  • Delayed Popup - This tutorial will teach you to create a program that loads a hidden popup window outside of your visitors view. This hidden popup contains popup code that will load at different time intervals in different positions on your page. This code is designed to display more popups for the amount of time your visitor stays on your website.

  • Exit Popunder - Add a simple popunder to your webpages that will only load once per visitor per visit. This tool is great to show your visitor what else you have to offer when they close their browser.

  • Rotating Popunder - This tutorial will outline how to create a popunder window on a website, that displays different content (URL) each time it is loaded (that you specify). It can be used to market various products or service you provide.

  • Website Exit Message - This tutorial will teach you to write a code that will generate a prompt when a visitor leaves your website. It is useful to suggest another website to your visitor.

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