Adding a Domain Name to cPanel



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Adding a Domain Name to cPanel


cPanel : Addon Domains

After you register the domain name and have set the name servers, you will need to add the domain to your account. This is because when you set the name server you are effectively telling the user who typed in that domain name, which IP address to go to, i.e. to your server. You need to now tell your server which of your sites the user should be shown for that domain name.

If you are getting a new hosting account for this domain, you can usually state that you already have a domain name when you register an account. A few contacts with the technical staff should help you setup in no time.

However if you are adding this domain to an existing hosting account you have you will first need to check if it's actually possible for you to do so. For cPanel users this can be done by checking the "Addon Domains" section of the index page as shown in the image to the right. Check that here to see if you have 1 or more addon domains available. If so you can go ahead with adding the domain name to your account.

Adding the domain name is very simple. First click on the "Addon Domains" icon, input all the necessary information and then click "Add Domain!". This will then take you to a page where it shows the stages being processed to add the domain. Don't refresh or close this page until you have got a message stating that the process has completed.

	  A Domain in cPanel

cPanel : Adding A Domain

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