Registering a Domain Name



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Registering a Domain Name

Once you have found a domain name and TLD you are happy with you'll actually need to buy it. Now if you are not too experienced with the internet it may be worth registering the domain name through your host. This is quite expensive compared to doing it yourself but they will do everything for you, including the actual registration, DNS setting and adding it onto your cPanel account. The other problem with doing it this way is that they usually charge a fee to transfer the domain name, which can be a problem if you intend to change hosts or sell the site / domain name.

If you are going to register a domain name yourself you will first need to decide on a domain name registrar some of which are listed below:

You will need to register an account with the domain name registrar before you can register a domain name. Once you have done this everything is pretty self-explanatory. Type in the domain name you want in the search bar etc... and follow the steps.

One thing you will need to remember is to change the name server settings if you are hosting the site on any server other than that particular domain name registrar's servers. You will need to provide a minimum of 2 name servers, which come in the form similiar to "". You will need to find out your name servers by asking your host or by searching through their online support section.

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