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The domain name is also called the URL and is the "address" of a website. As an example, this site's domain name would be "".

If you're building a person website for yourself and your family it's not really necessary to purchase your own domain name. However if you're aim is to build a website for your business or a website that receives a significant number of visitors it is recommended that you buy your own domain name. This will make your domain name easier to remember, allow placement of keywords into the domain name, and enables the ability to build a "brand" website (e.g.

Domain names can be purchased very easily online and vary in price. Some good domain name registrars are and It should be noted that when you purchase a domain name, it is only for a limited time. Some domain name registrars will allow you to purchase a domain name for up to 10 years in advance and will give discount prices if you do so. After your domain name expires you will need to make additional payments to keep the domain name or it will go on sale again to the general pubic.

Search online for the term "domain name registration" or some derivative of that search phrase to find other companies thatíll register the domain name for you.

Types of Domain Names

If you're a regular Internet user you would have noticed that there are many different endings for domain names. Some examples being:

What Do the Endings Mean?

The original idea behind these endings was to categorise websites. ".com" would be used for companies, ".org" for organisations, and so on. All in all this attempt to categorise websites has failed - although some, such as ".gov" and ".edu" still exist and cannot be purchased by the general public.

When it comes to choosing your own domain name you should try and get a domain name ending with ".com" as this is the first one people will try if they are unsure. If it's not possible then it doesn't matter too much so don't worry about it.

Finding a Domain Name

If you are a beginner then you might consider buying the domain name from your host. It is usually more expensive but they will setup everything for you including nameserver settings and server settings. However if you want to do it yourself, read on.

If you go to any domain name registrars site (such as and as mentioned above) they will have the ability to search for domain names. If the domain name is taken they will often provide altername domain names that they believe is similar to the one you searched for.

You'll quickly notice that most domain names are already taken.

Other places you could go to buy domain names are places such as forums (please join our forum too), sites that specialise in trading domain names etc... A quick search on Google for terms such as "Buy domain names" or "Expiring domain names" etc... will get you what you're looking for.

DNS - Domain Name System and Nameservers

After you buy your domain name you can setup the nameservers. With most domain name registrars you will need to provide the minimum of 2 nameservers. Information about your nameservers can be found on your hosts webpage. It usually comes in a format such as "" or something similar.

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