Finding a Domain Name



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Finding a Domain Name

The hardest part about registering / buying your own domain name is actually finding one that is suitable for your website. There are various ways you can find a domain name but the one I shall be covering here is by using domain search tools such as the one provided by GoDaddy, NameCheap and NetworkSolutions.

If you visit GoDaddy you will see the domain search tool located around half way down the page. You can use this tool to check whether or not a domain name you are looking for is available. One great thing about these tools is the fact that they search most popular TLD (Top-Level-Domain) names - with one search you can check whether a domain name is available for .com, .net, .org, .info, .us etc...

Another advantage of using tools like this is the fact that they will also suggest variations of the domain name you searched for. This can be helpful as it'll bring up some domain names you hadn't thought of before.

GoDaddy in particular can sometimes show domain names that are available as unavailable. If you find a domain name you really like you might consider using another domain name registrars' domain search tool, such as NameCheap.

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