Inventing a Brand Name



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Inventing a Brand Name


On the internet branding is crucial in starting a successful commercial site. Some good examples of successful brand names are eBay, Yahoo, Google and Amazon. Brand names require a lot of time, effort and money to create, however promote brand loyalty, and make your site much more memorable.

Choosing a Brand Name

When choosing a brand name you should try and keep the following factors in mind:

  • Memorable - Try and keep the brand name short and snappy to make it memorable.

  • US / UK - Assuming your website is going to be English based, make sure that your website won't have any problems due to different spelling. An example of this would be the spelling "Color" & "Colour".

  • Spelling - Is the brand name easy to spell?

Choosing a Domain Name

All of the factors above are important for your brand name as well as your domain name (usually the same as your brand name). You may be the best marketer in the world but without an easily accessible website you won't be going far in the online world.

Click here for a more extensive tutorial on Domain Name Registration.

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