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Monetizing Your Website

There are many ways of monetizing, i.e. making money from your website. This article will discuss various aspects of monetizing your website. It is meant to be a guide and therefore there will be aspects that aren't covered, however it should give you a good starting point.

Listed below are some of the methods available to monetize your site:

Contextual Ads

This is probably by far the most popular method of making money from a website. Contextual advertising refers to when advertisements, which are relevant to your page content is automatically shown to your visitors. Two of the most popular contextual advertising networks are "Google AdSense" and the "Yahoo! Publisher Network".

The great thing about these types of advertisements is the fact that all you need to do is to copy and paste some JavaScript code onto your website. Relevant ads will then be shown on your site.

As with all advertising the performance of contextual ads vary substantially depending on how you place the advertisements. The better they perform the more revenue you will generate, so make sure you work hard on optimizing the ads. You should read the "Google AdSense Optimization" section of our site to learn more about this procedure.


This refers to "Cost Per 1,000 Impressions" and means that a set rate is paid per 1,000 times the ad is shown. It is especially useful when monetizing sites that have a high amount of page views, but no much interactivity between the site and user. Examples of sites where CPM ads may be better than contextual ads (CPC ads) are:

  • Arcade sites
  • Forums
  • Rate my photo sites
  • Etc...

Affiliate Programs

There are thousands upon thousands of online merchants who offer affiliate programs and reward their affiliates with commissions. When searching for affiliates make sure that you read through the terms and conditions to check what the minimum payout is, how it is paid, how long they track the visitor for etcc...

When selling affiliate products it is always a good idea to try and provide as much information about it to the visitor. If possible try and write an extensive description and review on the product. You could also try and get testimonials to place on your webpage.

Remember, no one likes parting with money. Try and provide as much helpful information as possible so that they feel that the product is worth it.

Link Sales

Another option is to sell links on your website. This could be done on a periodic or permanent basis. There are various factors that webmasters will be considering when buying links on websites:

  • The website's Page Rank
  • Traffic your website receives
  • Number of outbound links - i.e. links to other websites
  • Website topic
  • Sitewide or single link
  • Age of domain
  • Quality of backlinks to your site

There are several different ways you can go about selling the links on your site:

    Text Link Ads
  • Email - You could provide an email address where other webmasters can contact you to discuss buying links on your site.
  • Webmaster Forums - Most webmaster forums these days have a section where webmaster can sell links.
  • Third-Party Sites - There are sites such as "Text-Link-Ads" that allow you to register as a publisher and list your site. They will put your link details on their site and then advertisers can buy the link from them. They handle all the payments and link activation etc... for you but in return they require a 50-50 split of the revenue.

Banner Sales

Another method of monetizing your site involves selling banner ads on your site. This usually involves the advertiser making an upfront payment for a set number of impressions on your site. There are several scripts available to assist this which can be found easily by searching on Google.


If you have an opt in mailing list and send out newsletters periodically, you could sell some advertising space on your newsletters. This could involve anything from a simple text ad, or a full blown banner ad.

Another option would be to rate and review a product and place an affiliate link within the article to try and generate sales.

A Final Word

As you can see there are many ways in which you can monetize your website. The methods mentioned above are by no means the only ways possible, but hopefully this article has given you an useful insight into how to make money from your website.

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