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Unavailable Domain Names

If you come across a great domain name that's already taken, and then later discover that they aren't actually using the domain name for anything (parked pages, nothing on there etc...) then it may be worth contacting the owner of the domain name directly to ask if they would consider selling it. You can get the email address of the owner by doing a whois search (whois.net), or some parked pages even have a little link such as "This Domain Is For Sale". There are also some companies such as Sedo who will try and acquire the domain name on your behalf.

Buying domain names in this way can be a little expensive and tiresome but as I said before, it is an option for those of you who find an unavailable but unused domain names that you really want.

If the current owner agrees to sell the domain name make sure you throughly discuss the price, how the payment will be made, and the transfer process. By transfer process I mean how the deal will be made. Will you make 50% of the payment and pay the rest after you've received the domain name? Also try and exchange contact details and make sure they are valid by calling them. It is advisable to get them to sign a contract if the amount being paid is a significant amount.

Scammers exist because some people fall for it - make sure you aren't included in this group by taking the necessary precautions mentioned above.

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