VPS : Virtual Private Server



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VPS : Virtual Private Server


The web hosting market provides many opportunities in services for their customers. VPS has a very important place in the overall web hosting marketing. Therefore it is important to consider what type of vps product is to be used in a given service. Today we are going to discuss about what vps control panels are being used by major companies.

What Does VPS Mean?

VPS stands for "Virtual Private Server" and allows multiple Virtual Servers to run within one physical server. Each VPS gets its own portion of resources, which are usually guaranteed to be available to that particular VPS. For instance, imagine that a dedicated server has a specification of 8GB of RAM, and 320GB of hard disc. In these terms 256mb of RAM and 10 GB could be guaranteed to be available to a specific VPS. That would mean that regardless of what resources the other VPS's on the same server are using, that amount of RAM and hard disc will be available for use.

Another very important point to note is that every running at the same server is independent from each other. Each has its own file system or operating system so a VPS can't see any of the data of other VPS. For this reason each VPS has its own server load, can be rebooted individually, and so on. Basically it can be treated as a dedicated server by the end user.

Type of VPS Control Panel

Below is a quick run down of various types of VPS control panels that are available:

  • Virtuozzo - One of the leading VPS control panels. Swsoft, the developer of Virtuozzo are allowing people to handle their VPS’s exactly like dedicated servers. With many options supported by the product you could do just about anything. Swsoft uses a technology different then others.

    Virtuozzo allows users to use "Burstable RAM". "Burstable RAM" is a technology supported by swsoft. Whenever a user needs more RAM than usual and there is a surplus of RAM used by other users on the server, "Burstable RAM" will allow that user to use more RAM for a limited time. This ability makes Virtuozzo very flexible. http://www.swsoft.com

  • Vmware - Another leading VPS control panel in the web sector. Vmware allows users exactly the same opportunities given by Virtuozzo, although it doesn’t support the "Burstable RAM" technology. However it supports a different technology called "Multi-OS". "Multi-OS" in other terms means, "Multi-Based Operating System". With Vmware you can easily provide more then one operating system working on the same server. This allows companies to reduce costs by not having to purchase different server for different operating systems. http://www.vmware.com

  • Xen - A newborn product still underdevelopment. However it is very popular and many companies have already adopted this VPS control panel because of it's efficiency in limiting the amount of system resources used.

    Normally a VPS control panels use high resources when running on a server. But as Xen uses different technique of resource management it has the same features provided by Virtuozzo (except that it doesn’t support "Burstable RAM" technology) and yet does not consume as much resources.

    However please remember that Xen is still under development so there are a few bugs that need to be addressed and improvements that need to be made. http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/SRG/netos/xen/

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