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Web Control Panels

In the hosting market users desire web control panels for their own needs. For this reason control panels are provided by the majority of web hosting companies. Let us review some web control panels - what features they support, where they are used, and for what purpose.

Types of Web Control Panels


cPanel is probably the most widely used web based control panel. It has the most options in the operation and even creation of your website. With cPanel you can even run a web hosting company using a part of it called WHM, which stands for "Web Host Manager". WHM allows you manage your sites, your hosts and your server.

Fantastico is an additional module of cPanel. This is a module that allows automatic installation of some popular, widely used scripts. It is ideal for the novice web master as they can install or uninstall scripts with one click - even the databases are set-up for you.

A great point about cPanel is the ability to customize their look by using different skins, which can be done by skin management software such as RVskins (http://www.RVskins.com/). This software provides various skins to help you brand you cPanel. Most hosting companies that use cPanel provide RVskins to their customers so that they can customize the look of cPanels via their WHM.

cPanel has lots of projects which are in the R&D stage, i.e. they have many projects in Beta mode. An example of this is their Game control panel, which is integrated to cPanel. With this you can install your server network with only one click on the control panel CGamePanel.

The only problem cPanel has to face up with is it's security tweaking problems, which means that cPanel is not stable yet. But all in all cPanel is a customizable product like Linux that gives the opportunity for the users to customize it to their own needs.

Homepage: http://www.cpanel.net


Plesk is the worlds qualified control panel software which is based on the Windows OS. Their software is very stable and provides easy management. It provides a wide range of ways you can control your websites. Plesk can now operate on servers running either Microsoft or Linux.

Homepage: http://www.swsoft.com


Ensim is a highly secure cPanel as it's security graphing is much better than any other cPanel. It's structure of use is similar to Plesk and Helm (which is itself similar to Plesk).

Homepage: http://www.ensim.com


The H-Sphere control panel is one of the newest control panels on the market but has an extraordinary ranking in the market. The panel itself provides many easy and self-explanatory functions but this control panel still has a lot of room for improvement. Like cPanel the theme can be changed

Homepage: http://www.psoft.net

These are the leading software for web control management and as you can see each of them have different opportunities in the market.

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