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Choosing a Website Host

When choosing a website host there are quite a number of things that you should consider. There are many good hosts out there but there are also a lot of bad hosts. So how do you choose the hosting service that is right for you? Here's a quick guide:

  • Price - Is it affordable?
  • Bandwidth - Is the amount of bandwidth they're providing going to be enough for your site? Do they allow you to upgrade to a package with more bandwidth if needs be? What happens if you go over your monthly bandwidth - a penalty fee?
  • Disc Space - Again is it going to be sufficient?
  • Software - What software is installed on the server. Will PHP run on it etc...?
  • Others - How many add-on, parked and sub-domains do they allow?
  • Technical Support - Do they provide any technical support? If they have a forum is it active? If so try joining and asking the others about their experiences with that host.
  • Reviews - Search the web and see if anyone has written a review about them. If not ask in a webmaster forum.
  • The Company - Where are they based?
  • Setup Fee - Do they charge a one-time setup fee?

Although we have provided this concise guide, we believe that the best option would be to join a webmaster community such as DigitalPoint and ask other webmasters for suggestions. They might even host the site for you if they have a reseller package.

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