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When you are planning for a site, there are several strong factors that contribute to the outcome of your site, or income for you in that matter. Consider this thought for a second, many people in the business world consider time as money, when you are creating a website, you can not think about it in that sense at all. Websites will take time to be developed, especially if you are new to designing. Take a look in your wallet, and look at your budget, if you donít have confidence in yourself or time to create a website yourself, set aside some money to purchase a design or a designer.

Any company, no matter how small or large, needs an identity. If you donít have a logo already, you might want to have one created for you. A logo is needed, clients that canít make a decisive decision on what company they want to go to, might prefer to select the company who demonstrates an act of responsibility and reliability.

When it comes to the design, the first thing you should sketch out what you want your site to look like, and how you want your links to be arranged. If you go to a website designer, show them the sketch, so they have an idea of what you want the site to look like. Website designers can not imagine how you want the site to flow, they can only take a wild guess, which is like picking a number between one and one million in the sense that there is an unlimited number of combinations between styles, color schemes, and layouts. Now, if you choose to go to a design team, first see if you can have a free consultation, many companies that donít offer free consultations are considered to be ďmoney hungryĒ, and that is a good sign that their fees will often be higher that their competitors. During the consultation, donít give in, if they suggest something, donít be like ďUmm, okay.Ē You must be strong to hold your position. In the end, they will not be managing the website, nor will they have to pay the fees to keep the site maintained, which we will talk about next.

On your website, you should never include flashy elements, large files, or slang on any website that you want to leave a professional impression. You have to expect the lowest standards when creating your website, and please try to make your website handicap accessible, any misfortune shouldnít deprive them of accessing your site.

Once the design is done, you should consider looking into domain names and hosting costs. A domain name runs on average $8 a year, it can be more or less depending on the extension. Hosting can run anywhere from $4 a month to $25 a month, even more depending on what your website will need. If you are planning to have a large amount of traffic, you will need a larger bandwidth. If you are planning to have a lot of files online, you will need a lot of space. Website files donít take up a lot of space, so donít figure that because you have 120 web pages, it doesnít mean you will need any more than 5 megabytes (MB) of space. You should plan to buy at least 1/3 more space than you ever think you will you and 1/2 more bandwidth.

Once the website is all created, all the iís are dotted and the tís are crossed, you can then look into advertising, and placing advertisements on your site as a source of revenue. If you are a business, I would advise you to keep advertisements off of your website as it establishes an amateur environment. If you are required to have an income on a personal of informatory website, then place ads in locations that donít distract the user, but where they can be easily located. Advertisements should be relevant to your websites topic and theme. If you decide to pay for advertising, research your source of advertisement, and you should never ever have to equivalent costs for startup advertising as you do on a regular basis.

Well, I hope you gained some knowledge about how you should plan for your next website, and I wish all of you the best of luck. Remember, it is always content first and your intent on money making second.

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