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Should I Focus on Content or Links?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is something that many webmasters spend a lot of time working on. Now, most people know that quality back links to your site and unique content are the two ways to increase your search engine ranking. The more quality back links you have to your site and more unique content your web site features, the higher it will rank in the search engines and the higher your Google Page Rank will be. The question is, what webmasters should focus on, building back links or writing quality unique content for your web site?

This is a question that is constantly being debated by the webmaster community, but to build a successful web site that gets a lot of traffic and earns revenue, you need quality content. Although some sources will continue to say that links are more important than content for SEO purposes, quality unique content is still a must for a site that can get traffic and earn a lot of revenue, and after all, that is a webmaster’s ultimate goal. You can spend hours on SEO building back links, but you need traffic and the best way to get constant traffic is to get many return visitors. If you have a web site with lots of quality content that people want to read, you will get a steady stream of traffic and those who visit your web site will visit again in the future to see what you have added. Hence, your search engine ranking will naturally rise.

That being said, you should still spend some time building quality links so that you can get some initial traffic and generate some buzz for your web site. When building links, make sure you get quality content embedded links on web sites that are well established and have a high Google page rank and a lot of traffic to get the most “SEO Value” out of each of your links.


The key is finding the right balance. To build a successful web site, you should focus on content so that you have something for your visitors to read and work on updating your web site frequently to help draw return visitors. Links should be in the back of your mind when first developing a web site. After your site has the content, then you can spend some time building back links for SEO purposes and traffic.

The Bottom Line: Focus on quality unique content first and then work on building links for SEO tomorrow.

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