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Robot.txt Generator
Robot.txt allow you to determine which parts of your sites a bot can access and which parts of the site it cannot. Using the tool is pretty self-explanatory. However when specifying the URLs that should be excluded note that it should be 1 url per line.

Example (As shown in the textarea):

URL: You Type: /index.html /blog/private-info.html /cgi-bin/

What to Do With the Generated File

Once you have generated a code you need to copy and paste it into a text file called "robot.txt" and then upload it into the root directory of your server (usually "public_html").

Specifying Different Rules For Different User Agents

When you are specifying different rules for different bots, you need to treat each one seperately. To clarify what is meant please look at the following example:

In Robot.txt

User-agent: Slurp
Disallow: /images/

User-agent: fast
Disallow: /


Now fill in the form below to generate your custom robot.txt code.

Allowed User Agents:

Exclude: Nothing   Everything   The URL Below:

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